Friday, May 15, 2009

To Update or not to Update...

Ok so yes it has been QUITE awhile since we have done anything with this blog. in my defense When we moved up to the valley we had no computer and I just sort of forgot about it. We were busy getting settled, Erin was (is) a handful and blah blah blah. Thanks to some encouragement from Friends ( Erin and Kylee) here we go!
We have been doing Fantastic! Erin and I are now working on learning the abc's and colors. she loves to read books and play with her animals from her Noah's ark she got for Christmas. (still her favorite toy!) And we are working on trying to stop the "Y" she has started to add to all her words such as "watey" instead of "wateR" drives me nuts! but she is doing great!
I'm always busy with her but I try to manage some "me time" in, on occasion. Jared got me a new Sewing machine for our Anniversary in Dec. and I'm loving that. Right now I'm working on a quilt for my mom. Fingers crossed that I can actually finish it. :) (no comment needed for that one)
Jared is such a hard worker! He is an amazing provider for us and has a great work ethic. He loves his job. It is much more challenging than AOL and I think even though it is much more stressful, he prefers it that way.He's also none stop with the Young men in our ward. He is the YM 1st coun. and is always busy with them on weekends and things.
All and all everything is going well for us. We manage to get down to Tuscon every once and awhile and that is good for us to get together with friends and to spend time with Jared's Parents. here are some pic's of Erin there are more to come I promise!

she loves her baths! She couldn't wait!


John and Rachel Rees said...

Bentley has done that exact same thing in the bath tub... she just loves to take baths and play in water. She has also jumped in her little swimming pool in the backyard with all of her clothes on many times. I am so glad that you are updating your blog now... I always check it in hopes that one day it would be updated.. haha... Love ya!!

Majors said...

oh my goodness that is NOT Turtle!! I cannot believe how big she is getting!!

Jensen Family said...

did she grow over night she is looking more and more like her

Jensen Family said...

sorry auntie jayden deleted the last part

Teancum and Brooke said...

what do you feed that kid... shes HUGE!