Sunday, June 19, 2011

While the Boy is away the Girls will Play!

This week Jared went to Scout Camp, and while he was gone I made a few improvements to the house! Jared likes straight lines, and abstract art. He has this thing about the house being too "Mormon" (Whatever Jared). And he's not a huge fan of little sayings, such as the one above. I love them! They would be every where in my house if it weren't for him; but baby steps.... His mother has been telling me for years now to just do what I want to the house while he's gone, and he wont ever have the energy to take it down; She was right! (Don't rub it in Yvonne!)
My AWESOME sister Wendie, who is basically the Wonder Woman of moms; came down for a day to help me out. When I say "help me out" I mean she did everything while I just handed her the tool she needed. She also had a birthday this week! HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY!! ;)
so here is what we (but mostly Wendie) did. if you don't like, its okay not to comment! :)

oh P.S. Jared actually liked the "kiss me goodnight pic!"

I wanted something centered over the bed but with the window it wouldn't look centered so we put these flowers up to give it a little more "oomph" and I spray painted some red to go a long with the other little pops of red we have in out bedroom.

Erin's bathroom!
Jared and I actually did this last weekend. However, Wendie moved the towel rack over and put a hook up for right next to the shower

On the show "Cougar Town" there is this really cute "EAT" sign in her kitchen that I love. I thought to myself "I could make that" so I did! (with Wendie's help)
side note: those are chocolate chips on the "A" not coffee beans.

Last, but most definitely not least!
We had a mirror there but moved it to the stairwell and my nephew Thomas spray painted the frames for me. I'm hoping to place a family portrait right there under the temple. and soon!.... although a cute little "mormon" saying would look super cute there!...


Pheobe said...

Way fun! I'm terrible with decorating. I still only have a few things hung up here.

Shawna Faye said...

What is it with our guys? Brian is also very against anything that looks too mormonish.
Everything you did turned out really cute?

Wendie said...

Thanks for the shout out Torie! I especially like the part where I only turned 35. (wink, wink, nod nod)
The house looks great.

Rachel Hanchett said...

I was hoping you would post pictures! It looks great, way to go!

Ali said...

;)After I asked you yesterday I realized you prob had pix on here! It all looks great! You 2 will have to come help me with my new place!!